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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

''How to attack Christians''

Every Sunday I am mindful of the Christians around the world who do not have the freedom, as I do, to attend a church and worship freely. 'Christian Freedom', as I call it, is the right to publicly proclaim your faith in the gospel and participate in a same minded community in the worship of God. The freedom and right to have a faith of your choosing is pivotal to human well being. We who live in free societies bear testatement to this. An organisation called Release International which represents persecuted Christians in the world is worried about Christians in India facing pressure from militant Hindus to give up their faith. Pastors are being attacked and beaten for preaching the faith. Allegedly a 20 point guideline on how to attack Christians has been produced by the perpetrators. This is pretty hard to understand and reconcile with the fact that India is highly prominent for having a strong democracy. Equality and diversity are sub-components of Democracy. Judicial and Executive intervention is required urgently. Anti-conversion laws (stopping Hindus from converting to other faiths) has been overturned in seven of India's states. Prayer is required for the rest of the states to follow and for the law then to be upheld by the appropriate agencies.


  1. Chelliah,

    Thanks for this; it is a hugely important matter and one that every Christian in any place where can deem themselves as 'free' should be aware of. For me, I pray for persecuted Christians each and every time that prayer is under my 'guidance' - our freedom to worship and confess is a gift that so many of us take for granted.

    God Bless you for raising this issue!


  2. Dear Fr Cloake,
    Thank you for agreeing that this issue needs to be publicised. Your comments are very much appreciated.