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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Victims of domestic abuse turn to God

A survey undertaken in America has found that female Christian victims of domestic violence rely on the power of prayer as a coping mechanism. The victims found prayer to be a means of venting their emotions withour fear of further violence or reprisal from their abusers. The women, apparently, perceived God as a loving parental or friendly figure who was non judgmental and forgiving thus allowing them to express their anger through prayer.
The survey was conducted by Shane Sharp, a graduate in Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He said that prayer helped these women see themselves in  a positive light and helped raise their sense of self-worth which was destroyed by their abusers.
Pleased as I am that these women turn to God I do hope that they find the strength, equally, through prayer to get out of these relationships. So many women put up with abuse so as not to fracture the sanctity of marriage. Alarmingly, some women felt strengthened enough after praying to carry on with their relationships. I pray that these women will realise that their marriages are no more than pieces of paper which ought to be torn up. Violence has no place in marriage and is not part of the marriage vows.

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