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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Why did I become an Anglican?

When David Cameron spoke about the lack of a British identity his words seem to echo what I have been feeling about the CoE. I chose to become an Anglican 8 years ago. I wasn't born into a family that actively practised religion but I felt a need and desire to seek religion all through my life. I tried Atheism. It is a lonely existence relying on yourself all the time. What drew me towards Anglicanism was how humanity seem to score far more highly than tradition and ritual in defining oneself as being a Christian. The Church seemed to be able to hold together people from different cultures and countries and there was a palpable sense of identity involved with being a Christian. Fast forward eight years on and I am wondering what has happened. I still hold my faith strongly in our CoE but as General Synod prepares to sit I pray that this is one of the questions that will be debated. Unless we forge a united alliance our brand of Anglicanism will be a perpetual question mark. I don't think the AC is the way forward either. We need to be aware of any authoritarian governance that demands compliance over human virtues and qualities.

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