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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Osama Bin Laden-instigator of Christian deaths

Osama Bin Laden is dead and, consequently, I hope that many Christians in Muslim countries who lived in fear of the murderous anti-Christian sentiment of Al Qaeda will be able to look forward to religious liberty. It was reported that the Al-Qaeda affiliated organisation called 'Islamic State of Iraq' had perpetrated the attacks against Coptic Christians in Egypt, Iraq and other Muslim states. As a Christian I don't take any joy in another human being's death but I do hope that the ideology of anti-tolerant Muslim extremism and hatred will now be dismantled.


  1. Something we all wish for and pray for I think.
    Unfortunately cutting the head off the monster often fails to halt its progress. It simply grows a new head.
    Like you I would love to see all fundamentalist terrorism dismantled but it has many tentacles.
    Meanwhile "peace in our time" is as good an aim as we could possibly have.

  2. Martyrs tend to create martyrs, so I agree with Ray Barnes about the growing of my heads. But I think it's dangerous to refer to another human being as monster, whatever crimes they may have been responsible for. It's important too to look at the underlying causes of terrorism e.g. want, hunger, injustice, povery etc. - that's the war that really needs to be waged.

  3. Nancy
    I was not referring to Bin Laden as a monster, but fundamentalism itself. Sorry I didn't put it as clearly as I might have.
    Of course, every cause, good or bad throws up a potential leader and in the case of terrorism it is the method of venting their grievances which creates attacks on innocent victims.
    I agree absolutely about the reasons for the vast masses to rise up in the first place.

  4. Dear Ray and Nancy,
    Thank you both very much for leaving comments and invoking further debate. Fundamentalism is a many with many heads and therein lies the problem. It is being reported that Al Qaeda cells will continue to operate.
    We do need to invest in the causes of terrorism but I don't know how we get around holding a dialogue with those who don't want to talk but would rather resort to violence.
    God bless