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Monday, 25 July 2011

'Today's Protestant church is a joke'

The headline is a quote by the Norwegian mass murderer, Anders Behring Breivik. He describes himself as a 'Christian fundamentalist'. This man is no Christian. The word 'fundamentalist' as a self-describing addendum is nonsense. There is no sliding scale of Christianity which allows for violence and does not. Further, Anders uses multiculturalism as justification for killing innocent children and adults. The ethos of Christianity is about embracing all regardless of colour and country of origin. There is no fight to arms with Christianity against others. Our prayers are for the souls of the dead, the recovery of the injured and for families and friends of those involved.


  1. Well said Chelliah! I spent much time in Norway in my childhood, and had a holiday in the Summer cabin on lake Tyrifiord of some Norwegian friends looking out on that island across from the shore.
    I join you in saying that my God is not one of violence and Jesus was always showing that he was longing for all peoples to show love to each other.It starts here with us loving our neighbours.
    In the Times today James Bone says'Out of the pain comes love'.

  2. Dear Margaret,
    I bought The Times after reading your comment. In the article you refer to there's another poignant quote, 'I think we have used a terrible day to make a new start'.
    God bless

  3. "The ethos of Christianity is about embracing all regardless of colour and country of origin." Exactly! Jesus would not care about skin colour or about where people were born, and neither should we.
    Some cultures have things in them, however, that are against the spirit of what Jesus taught, and he would disapprove of those cultural traits, values and habits, while not, on principle, disliking anyone because of ethnicity or culture.

  4. HI Anita,
    Well said.
    thank you