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Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas is for Everyone

Every year I rant and rage about how Christmas is being hijacked by consumerism, rampant buying and shopping, without a thought about the true meaning of the day. It saddens me that people don't stop to think about the birth of Christ. However, I have arrived at a new realisation. There are other faith believers who celebrate Christmas as a mark of national unity and the spirit of Jesus was about unity.

I have two Muslim friends who are celebrating Christmas by having roast chicken (they could not get Halal Turkey). They tell me about their Muslim friends who are doing the same. Apart from wanting to join in the merriment of the day they are also paying homage to the birth of Jesus, they say.

To me, this is a cause for celebration in a week when the British Social Attitudes Survey reports that 51% of people in Britain do not subscribe to a faith. Christmas is an indicator of a values based society even if not as a religious event. By this I mean that people get together with friends and family to reaffirm what is important in life. Charitable giving is at its' most visible during Christmas. While I still cannot stand the thought of Christmas being about presents I take heart that the Christian message resonates both with non faith people and with other faith people.

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