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Monday, 5 March 2012

London version of 'Indecent Proposal' . Remember the movie?

'An Indecent Proposal' was a film that ignited debate among women as to how far they they would go to make ends meet. In the movie, Demi Moore was happily married to Woody Harrelson. Unfortunately, they hit bad financial times and there was no money to pay the mortgage. Along came the dishy Robert Redford who offered them $1 million dollars in return for a night of passion with Demi.

After much soul searching Demi and Woody decide to accept the deal. Demi is whisked off in millionaire Robert's helicopter by his personal staff to a secret location for the deed to be performed. When Demi comes back the next day with the $1 million in the bank Woody has changed his mind about the morals of the deal and the issue of faithfulness creeps into the marriage leading to a break up.

Demi goes off with Robert Redford and enters a glamorous world of expensive chic. Unfortunately, woody Woody Harrelson comes back at the end of the movie to woo her back. He does this by bidding the same $1 million dollars at a Save the Wildlife auction (or something like thta) at which Demi and dishy Robert are in attendance. The picture above captures the moment when they realise who has outbid every body else.

In the numerous written articles, tv and radio debates that followed the movie many women said they would do what Demi did for far less. A friend of mine was serious about sleeping with someone for £1,000 if offered because her family finances were so dire.

Life does imitate art as the saying goes and the imitation can occur in far less salubrious settings, as I discovered today. A young couple were arguing quite violently (verbally and pushing each other) by Charing Cross station. He was attempting to walk away while she kept holding on to his jacket and pulling him back. Their exchange was nothing as erudite as in the movie. It consisted off her saying, 'don't walk away' followed by swear words. Finally he said, in between swear words, 'why ...did you...sleep with...two months ago? You are my...girlfriend'. She replied, 'to ...put...a roof over...our heads. That's why I did it'.

Indecent Proposal it was, one of my favourite movies, right before my eyes played out in a grubby London alleyway beside that bastion of British business, Boots.

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