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Friday, 18 May 2012

The Lazy Christian Walk On The Moral High Ground

A protest by Christians for an outcome that will not have a bearing on the poor, the homeless or the sick and which does not further the cause for social justice is really a lazy Christian walk along the moral high ground. 

A group called the Biblemode Youth in the Philippines is doing as much as it can, including threatened legal action, to stop Lady Ga Ga from performing in the country because the group deems her songs and costumes to be a corrupting influence on people's morals. 

The group is particularly incensed by Ga Ga's song 'Judas', saying that it mocks Jesus Christ. 

What incenses me is that this is a protest taking place in a country (Philippines) where there are millions of children living on the streets begging or working for a living at a very young age. Even clean water in the slums is a problem. On the scale of Christian justice I would say that this is a much bigger crime. 

I have posted a particularly provocative picture of Lady Ga Ga, even though this is a Christian blog, in protest against the nonsensical machinations of the group. 

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