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Saturday, 14 July 2012

No One Is Hearing The Message of Christianity

At every tube and train station in London the voice of Boris Johnson booms out warning people about the impending travel chaos that will descend when the Olympic games start. The first time I heard it I actually stopped walking and looked around expecting to see the Mayor of London standing within close distance, holding a microphone while fending off his mop of hair. The recording is loud and, well, booming to use a cliche. The point is got across very quickly. If you don't plan your journey in advance and access the special website up to combat travel adversity then you will be left behind, literally. During one of my idle tube journeys last week I got thinking about the power of repetitive messages.  Almost every day there is either an article in a newspaper or a letter in the letters' page about Women Bishops or Gay Marriage. It is always presented in an anti manner. By this I mean that even if the article or letter is highly supportive of both issues an adversity is still a strong presence in the tone and content of the piece because of the strength of opposition to allowing gay marriage and allowing women to become Bishops. What is the message of the CoE? I am afraid the booming voice is not God's call or word. 


  1. It's not only the newspapers and letters pages which are full of the Women Bishops and Gay Marriage issues, certain blogs are solely preoccupied with these two subjects.
    Sadly, since all they are doing is concentrating on the schism within the C of E, rather than offering any solutions or reasonable compromise, the subject will run and run until everyone is sick to death of it.
    Perhaps that is the thinking behind the torrent of heavily biased verbiage, that if they drown us in words we will be so bored that they will be able to slip a controversial amendment in under the door.

  2. Hi Ray,
    I don't know how a solution can ever be found which does not demean women. While the world is able to accommodate women in leadership positions the Christian opposers use the word of God to argue against it in the form of amendments.

  3. I'm glad there are so many articles about women clergy and gay marriage-because you have no interest in anything else, people will become more and more aware that religion is essentially pointless.
    Who knows, you may get disestablishment out of it-or is that hoping for too much common sense?

  4. It may seem that Christians have no interest in anything else apart from gay marriage and the ordination of women clergy but I am pleased to say that this is not representative of ALL Christians. There are many like me who are liberal Christians who believe in the inclusive message of God.