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Friday, 18 April 2014

Is Easter About The Golden Goose?

Silly as my title sounds that is what, apparently, many children think Easter is about. It simply beggars belief that an established and institutionalized religion which celebrates only three nationally observed events (Good Friday, Easter and Christmas) should fail to have these understood by the children of this country. 

According to a YouGov survey conducted for the Bible Society, one in three children aged 8 to 15 do not know why we celebrate Good Friday and one in four do not know what Easter Sunday is about. Take away the chocolate eggs and I wonder whether these children would even know that their school holiday is being timed around a religious event? 

I am no child psychologist but I am a mother and it doesn't take a million miles worth of nurturing to work out that children are high receptive to chocolate. Children are chocolate eating monsters and cannot concentrate on more than one thing. This means that they cannot associate Easter eggs with anything more than, well, chocolate. When deprived of chocolate they do concentrate. The solution? 

Instead of chocolate Easter eggs perhaps supermarkets/shops could fill their shelves with religious paraphernalia carrying messages such as,  'You are having a school holiday because Jesus died on the Cross' or 'You are not at school because Jesus rose again on Sunday'. This may still not work in relaying the message because it does not contain chocolate but this way, at least, we can say that we tried. This would be a more satisfactory 'nothing' outcome than the status quo. 

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