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Friday, 20 June 2014

Are Refugees Not Fellow Human Beings?

 This  week is Refugee Week and today (20 June) is Refugee Day. I ask you to please pray for the ever growing global conflicts whereby weapons and killing are seen as the means to enforce power and people are subject to death and destruction. 

In a world where wars are fought on a daily basis and where conflict is growing the mass exodus of people seeking safer havens is, sadly, viewed as a nuisance occurrence. The status of being a  'refugee' has become the target for racism. Countries at war drive these people out while countries not at war which have safe democracies work hard to keep these people out.

Where are these people who are displaced through NO fault of their own meant to live so they can keep themselves and their families safe while having access to clean food and water?

When a boat full of refugees is turned away by a country it is viewed as a 'victory' for the country concerned. When a boat full of refugees sinks, as so often happens, there is sympathy for the dead but no recognition of the causes that drove them into the boat in the first place. 

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