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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

How does a Christian mom teach her child values, even over Romanian gypsies?

I am on holiday in Brussels with my daughter and we came across a mother and toddler yesterday sitting on the pavement begging. I gave them some money and went into a shop situated behind them which sold handmade biscuits. As I passed by the mother and child on my way out it occured to me that the child is growing up watching everyone around him go into and out of shops while he acts as a pedestrian to life. One of the things I cannot stand in life is injustice of any sort. I opened my bag of biscuits and was struck in a heartfelt way by how the mother quickly took a biscuit for her son but none for herself. I gave her the whole bag.

Today we came across them again and the mother encouraged the boy to greet us. He came towards us for a hug. I went into a toy shop and bought some toys for the boy. I informed the toyshop shop assistant about what I was doing because the mother and toddler were sitting outside her shop. I was afraid that allegations of theft would be made against them once I had gone my merry way. The shop assistant was extremely disapproving of my actions because 'Romanian Gypsies are all thiefs'. My answer was that as a Christian mum I felt a great need to do something for them.

People walking past looked disapprovingly at me when I handed the little boy his presents. His joy was enough for me. My daughter was embarassed. I told her that at the end of the day none of those people passing by mattered. What counted was being a Christian at all times and that this state of being translates into actual acts of doing something for those in lesser situations than us.


  1. People were embarrassed because an awful lot of Romani men send the women and children begging then collect them in expensive cars at the end of the day, whilst doing none of it themselves.

  2. Hi Lorenzo. Thanks for leaving the comment. I have seen beggars whom I have been suspicious off but this one seemed different. Perhaps I am being naive.