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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

What do I gain from blogging?

It has been absolutely yonks since I last blogged. My absence came down to two reasons: being on holiday without proper IT equipment and feeling that I had nothing to say. The summer does tend to make one lazy. As the weather turns colder and I turn my heating on for a lengthier amount of time each day my thoughts have turned to my blog. I have had it for 4 years.

It was originally set up to publicise my efforts in standing for the House of Laity in the 2010 Synod elections. I didn't win but I kept on blogging because it helped build a fraternity with fellow Christian bloggers which I have really enjoyed. Also, it helped me develop an introspection into my Christian beliefs and values. Blogging gives me an avenue to vent my frustrations as a Christian left-leaning woman on the injustices being perpetrated in the world.

The narratives sometimes put out by leaders makes me want to self-combust but if i can blog about it then I feel that I have contributed in some way (minute) way to raising awareness. In fact, it is the persistently decent viewing figures that my blog has attracted all through the weeks that I wasn't blogging which tipped the scales. Thank you people and I do hope that you leave a comment and challenge me whenever you see fit. 

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