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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Is it the end for Christianity in Iraq?

The Washington Post published a worrying article last month predicting the end of Christianity in Iraq. The fundamentalist movement that calls itself  ISIS has driven thousands of Iraqi Christians and others from their homes to seek refuge in Northern Iraq. As Christians, it is important to remember that other religions and tribes have been caught up in this war and my prayers are said for all of them. 

Charities on the ground claim that a humanitarian crisis is looming for these refugees as the winter approaches. At present they are living in tents and half-built buildings. The thought of children, even babies, living in such circumstances always fills me with sadness. Founder and President of the US based Iraqi Christians Advocacy and Empowerment Institute has warned that the situation is going to get worse because there is no sign of aid or assistance from the Iraqi government. It is estimated that there are 120,000 Christians who had to flee from their homes in Mosul and in the Nineveh Plains. 

The problems for Christians started in 2003 soon after Saddam Hussein was removed. It's been a steady onslaught since then against Christians.  it is now estimated that there are 300.000 Christians when there were 1 million. Even if peace is restored to Iraq Christians say that they will not feel safe anymore given that their persecution has been ongoing for the last 11 years. 

The Vatican is to meet on October 20 to discuss this situation but if governments remain inactive in providing assistance and refuge then I fear that little can be done for our fellow brethren and others caught up in a whirlwind of hatred and wickedness. 

Please pray for those displaced in Iraq. 


  1. God is much bigger and more powerful than the evil in Iraq at the moment. We can pray for our brothers and sisters there , for courage and strength and that God will hold them in the palm of his hand. This won't be the end, " Eternity to eternity God works all things according to his perfect plan."

  2. Amen to your powerful message of what God can do.