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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Does this satirical cartoon of the birth of Christ offend you?

Following yesterday's tragic events in Paris when a group of talented journalists and cartoonists who worked for the French satirical magical Charlie Hebdo were killed over a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad there have been numerous debates over the legitimacy of publishing religious satirical pictures/cartoons.

As a Christian I don't find satire over Christianity offensive. The front cover of Private Eye's Xmas issue (see above) draws modern life into the birth of Jesus. There are political references and parallels drawns which turns a sombre occasion of the birth of Christ into a rather funny moment.

I am interested to hear what other Christians think. 


  1. I don't find the above cartoon offensive, but, I do wonder why religion of any shade should be considered an appropriate target for cartoonists.
    As I said I don't find it offensive but neither do I find it remotely funny.
    Perhaps it's my lack of a sense of humour but it does nothing for me.
    The Parisian horror is a very extreme protest and I doubt has much to do with any real religious teaching.
    It does however offer a perfect excuse for the lunatic fundamentalist fringe
    to act in their chosen manner.

  2. Ray, I have been watching debates on TV about the use of religion as a butt of jokes and I do wonder why it has to be so. However, the Western world does push boundaries when it comes to humour i.e making fun of disabled people and I don't find these funny at all. I must admit to feeling a prick of my conscience over finding the picture above funny. The Paris tragedy was a political act of vengeance and I think you are right in concluding that it does not have much to do with religion.

    1. This cartoon is very funny as a statement on our world today.
      It is also deeply sad, as a statement on our world today.

    2. I think your comments highlights the two camps on this issue.Going forward I hope that some good can come out of all this.