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Friday, 4 September 2015

A guide for any Christians who wish to help refugees

Like many others I was moved by the picture of the dead toddler on the beach and have been doing some research into what we can do to help. Here is a list: 

1. The Independent newspaper has published a number of ways to help. 

2. Calais Action on Facebook has postings from people who are actually driving to Calais and are looking for donations. Below is a list of things that are currently needed. 

3. CalAid on Facebook organises drop off days for people who want to donate things

4.  Should you wish to house a refugee you can put your name down with a German organisation that is co-ordinating accommodation all over Europe. The form for your details can be found here

5. Donations of money


  1. Thanks for the information Jane

  2. It's the least I thought I could do. It's heart breaking watching the refugees suffer.