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Sunday, 17 January 2016

When a member of your church family dies

Today was meant to have been a celebration of Holly Adenle's 90th birthday. Her picture above conveys all that was special about her. She married a Nigerian Prince in the 1960s who died in the 1970s. She always wore that African hat (see photo) in memory of him, calling him the love of her life.Holly also always wore Purple, it started with her support over the ordination of women as Priests and, beyond that, as a celebration of the role women were playing in the church.

She had lots of health problems but was stoic through it all and was a real eclectic character. She turned 90 in December 2015 but was going to celebrate it today with a special church service that she had organised. She had even ordered the food and drinks which arrived at church this morning. The congregation was looking forward to her party.

Unfortunately and sadly, Holly was taken ill yesterday.  She knew she would not live long as a result of this sudden turn of events and told the Vicar that the party had to go ahead regardless of whether she was dead or alive. She died at 4am in the early hours of this morning. The church was packed this morning because she had invited friends from all over the country for her party. At the start of the service the congregation was informed of her death. What was meant to have been a celebration of her life took a different turn and became a celebration of her life past.

Please pray for Holly's soul.

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