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Saturday, 8 January 2011

The Conversion of the Chilean Miners

The following was sent to me by my sister regarding the Chilean miners. It is a round robin email circulating among Christians because the following facts ' ... will never be reported in the secular media'.

When the miners came up one-at-a-time in that capsule - most were

wearing special yellow T-shirts. These had been created by the Chilean
branch of Campus Crusade for Christ. Emblazoned boldly across the front
of the T-shirts were the words, in Spanish, "Thank you, Lord." The miners, in fact, had requested these words. The shirts were made and sent down to them while they waited for the rescue.
But that's not all. A quotation on the back of the shirts which began
"porque en su mano estan..." was actually Scripture. It was Psalm 95:4:
"In His hands are the depths of the earth, the heights of the mountains
are His also."
Campus Crusade had also provided the trapped miners - while still deep
underground - with MP3 players with the audio version of the "Jesus"
film.They also received the Bible in audio format.
Now here's the good news. Rev. Aldredo Cooper, the chaplain to the
President of Chile, said of the rescued miners, "They're all wanting to
testify to the Lord Jesus Christ. All 33 of them are saying that they
found God in the mine. Five or six were already Christians and held
services down in the mine. Many went down with no faith at all but they
all say this: 'We were not 33; we were 34 because Jesus Christ was with
us down there.'"
One miner, Mario Sepulveda, told reporters, "We never lost faith. We
knew we would be rescued. I have been with God and I've been with the
devil. I seized the hand of God. I always knew God would get us out of

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