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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A fine example of the church helping society

The following article is taken from Christian Today and demonstrates the church's magnificient ability to work at grassroots level to help the ordinary folk. From such mundane matters as managing their bills may grow trees of faith among non-believers who are helped by the church. It's an example of what the Church does best - helping people help themselves.

Hundreds of churches are helping people get through hard times by teaching them how to manage their money. With rises in energy bills, petrol charges and VAT adding to the pressure on purses, Christians Against Poverty expects to see even more people take up its CAP Money course this year.
Last year 7,000 people went on the course, which teaches people how to take care of their finances the old fashioned way – by sticking to a budget and paying into a savings account. Now 782 churches are ready to pass on what they have learned by running the course on their own premises. Some 268 courses taking place in January and February alone. CAP’s founder and international director John Kirkby said some people had hit rock bottom and were losing their homes or unable to feed their children. “The Bible says the truth will set you free and certainly when you know what your situation is – even if it’s a mess – you can start to tackle the issue.”

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