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Sunday, 20 March 2011

How do you develop yourself as a Christian?

'Personal development' is a buzz word in the work place that has been transported into the personal sphere of one's life. There are thousands of books on how to improve your memory, diet, reinvent yourself and whatever else you want to change, adopt or chuck out. However, when it comes to being a Christian the answer to developing yourself seems to lie in a strait jacket of reading the bible and going to church.
Surely, there must be more to this.
This narrow description does not take into account the layers of identity that we have, as an example, our civic engagement which allows us to effect micro level changes that contribute to our overall existence as a Christian, how our religion allows us to build our personal capacity to become responsible and valuable members of society; and, even, how we use our religious faith to embolden ourself in fighting back against any injustice we see or experience.
My personal analysis of my Christian development has made me realise that my brand of faith centres around gender neutral theology and how everyone is entitled to share in the gospel; and the responsibilites that go with being a Christian to right for equity and justice.

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