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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Protestants are better with £££ than Catholics

A letter has been published by the Financial Times from someone in Italy called Bernardino Branca who alleges that all the Eurozone related financial strife is occuring within those countries with a majority of Catholics i.e Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Italy.

The countries with a 'virtuous' spreadsheet, apparently, are the majority Protestant countries like Germany, Netherlands and Finland. Further, Mr Branca says that even non-Eurozone countries like Denmark and Sweden, which have Protestant majorities, possess healthy financial spreadsheets.

If the CoE had considered itself to be Protestant we now called Anglicans may have been able to escape the credit crisis! Don't go spending too much now.


  1. As European society has become largely secular, perhaps with many nominal Roman Catholics and Protestants I think Bernadino Branca has made a false connection.

  2. Dear Nancy,
    I take your point about secularism in society but I do still wonder if there's a connection between financial reponsibility and religion. I have no evidence to back this up with though.
    Thank you for leaving a comment.
    God Bless