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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

'Church Should Rejoice Over Same-Sex Marriages'

'Church Should Rejoice Over Same-Sex Marriages' is the title of the letter which was printed in The Times newspaper on 21 April 2012 and signed by Canon Giles Goddard (my vicar), Chairman of the Inclusive Church, and by The Very Rev Jeffrey John, Dean of St.Albans which also included the Bishop of Buckingham among others.

Due to the wall of payment by The Times not many of you may have read the letter so I am reproducing parts of it below.

'Recent statements by church leaders past and present may have given the mistaken impression that the Church is universally opposed to the extension of civil marriage to same-sex couples. We believe that does not adequately reflect the range of opinion which exists within the Church of England. Marriage is a robust institution which has adapted much over the centuries. It has moved beyond the polygamy of the Old Testament and preoccupation with social status and property in pre-Enlightenment times. While the Prayer Book states that marriage was ordained first for the "procreation of children" the modern marriage service begins by emphasising the quality of relationship between marriage partners "that they shall be united with on another in heart, body and mind".

The Church calls marriage holy or sacramental because the covenant relationship of committed, faithful love between the couple reflects the covenanted love and commitment between God and his Church. Growing in this kind of love means we are growing in the image of God. That there are same-sex couples who want to embrace marriage should be a cause for rejoicing in the Church.

...We believe that the Church of England has nothing to fear from the introduction of civil marriages for same-sex couples. If will be for the churches to then decide how they should respond pastorally to such a change in the law.'


  1. I agree with you, though I fear the next Archbishop of Canterbury will shift the Church of England to the right. I suspect we are some way off yet, from a truly progressive consensus. I'm not an Anglican but the way the Church of England moves on this issue is important for all us.

  2. Dear Philip,
    There is strong talk that the next ABC will be a traditional Christian. It really is amazing how the reactions of the church are important even to non-Christians.
    Many thanks for your comment.