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Friday, 6 April 2012

Pictures from Passiontide at Trafalgar Square - Good Friday

It seems quite an obvious thing to state but I always need to feel a certain amount of sadness, a jolt if you like of the senses, on Good Friday to have empathy with the suffering of Christ. Today it came from my first witness of a Passiontide. Thousands of people watched two performances at Trafalgar Square.
It was a testament to the power of Christianity despite the copious amount of debate over the decline in numbers of Church attendance and the alleged irrelevancy of the faith that people watched in awe, in tears and clapped at the end.
 In fact, the most astounding evidence of this came after the play ended when the actor who played Jesus was mobbed for well over an hour as people jostled to shake his hand and take pictures with him. 

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