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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Online Dating Chinese Style

An online dating website in China called 'Jiayuan' (Beautiful Destiny) has proved to be so successful in  matching lonely people up that it is even listed on the stock exchange. I wondered what could possibly have made it such a winner in contemporary times when simply searching 'lonely woman' or something ludicrous like 'lonely cat lover who loves baked beans' throws up hundreds of possibilities. Choices, apparently, is not a good thing. When you have so many cakes or whatever the metaphor is to choose from how do you decide? Jiayuan has come up with very specific questionnaires that help narrow the choices down. Simply stating 'nice guy' doesn't cut it. Here is a summarised extract of one questionnaire:

Which Jiayuan label describes you?
1. A filial son.
2. A cool guy.
3. Responsible.
4. A penny pinching family man.
5. Honest and straightforward.
6. A perceptive man.
7. A career driven man.
8. Wise and far-sighted.
9. An unsightly man.
10. A humorous man.
11. A travel lover.
12. A solitary, shut in man.
13. Considerate.
14. Gusty.
15. Loyal.
16. Managerial.
17. A handsome devil.
18. Steady, staid and sedate.

Perhaps similar could be used when appointing the next Archbishop but the wording in 17 would have to be changed to 'A handsome man of cloth'.


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