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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Christian Vote for Romney?

Mormonism is a complete mystery to me but with the amount of concern/fuss over Mitt Romney's faith I wondered whether Christians, good old CoE type stalwarts, would face a dilemma in voting for him. An 'Internet Evanglist', (as the Christian Post refers him), called Bill Keller of  LivePrayer has provided an answer in a fire, hell, throw the kitchen sink type rant in his reasoning as to why the Mormon faith clashes with Christianity.

Keller claims that Mormonism worships Satan (I don't think so personally) because Mormons do not pray to the God of the Bible but to a mythical God whom they believe was once a man. Keller said, "Those in the Mormon cult use the words 'god' and 'Jesus'. Yet the 'god' and 'Jesus' of the Mormon cult are NOT the God and Jesus of the bible. Mormons believe their 'god' used to be a human who rose to god like status, just like Romney, Glenn Beck and all Mormons believe they will too after their death".

Here's my favourite bit. If you thought Romney was a just raving venture capitalist who is looking to further the interests of neo-liberalists then you are wrong. According to Keller, Romney is, "a 5th generation high priest of a cult that worships Satan and propagates a false gospel leading souls to hell...". Golly, and I thought an American vote was only designed to bestow a sense of democracy on the voter and not a one way ticket to hell. 


  1. "....I thought an American vote was only designed to bestow a sense of democracy" sense being the operative word I think.
    I have to say Romney does not inspire me with any sort of admiration, but, they have had many previous candidates for the Presidency who were equally awful.
    A sort of Hobson's choice really.

  2. I think it is fair to say that some parts of the democratic process is about tokenism. As for Romney, I am looking forward to watching the debates to hear how he defends maligning the 47%!