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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Santa is recovering

Santa Claus drank 233 million units of alcohol on Christmas eve during his visits to 700 million children.  Whyte & Mackay, Scotch distillers, who had their staff out working with the elves and Santa number crunched these figures after a very busy night. However, only 30.5% of kids had bothered to leave a tipple out. In my day we not only left a glass of whisky out but had water for the reindeers and mince pies for everyone who  was on a nocturnal sleigh ride. 


  1. Santa has to travel at 5,083,000 miles per hour to deliver all his presents. No wonder he gets away with drink driving.....

  2. Presumably Santa spends the next 360 odd days recovering from his annual liver transplant too.
    Perhaps leaving a glass of whisky out for Santa is not as kind as it looks. Next year C.......ginger beer!

    1. Hi Ray, I have heard that Santa goes to the Caribbean to recover post Xmas so I hope he is not drinking alcoholic cocktails there.