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Friday, 4 January 2013

No Sex Please, We Are The CoE

Remember the farcical play of the 1980s  titled 'No Sex Please, We're British' which was also made into a film starring Ronnie Corbett? The play featured a young couple who go to desperate attempt to hide a stash of sex toys and related material which has been wrongly sent to them and the scraps that they get into in the process.

With the CoE's announcement that gay clergy can be ordained as Bishops one wonders how the requirement of celibacy can possibly ever be policed? I don't mean to be flippant in drawing comparisons with the play I mention above but my point is that this whole sex issue in the CoE is becoming farcical. 


  1. It has apparently not occurred to anyone that imposing celibacy on homosexual priests is precisely what the Roman catholic church has always proudly proclaimed as their requirement for the priesthood.
    We read every day just how successful that has been.!
    In the Anglican Church we 'allow' our priests to marry and procreate, indeed we encourage it.
    We also claim to be 'tolerant' of those with other sexual preferences.
    Is it just me, or does there appear to be a discrepancy in this logic?

  2. Hi Ray, thanks for pointing out the similarity with the Catholic Church. I really don't know where the church stands on tolerance anymore. It seems to be a case of 'qualified' tolerance - gays yes, sex no, women priest yes, women bishops no.

  3. Sometimes I almost think I prefer those who are grimly opposed both to women bishops and gays in any shape or form.
    They are at least consistent in their 'blinkered' opposition, and asked the same questions 10 years hence will always answer in the same way.
    As the old saying goes "know your enemy".

    1. There is much to be said for consistency. The so called 'Liberal' side of the CoE needs to stand firm and not prevaricate in this manner - gays allowed but they have to be celibate. What happens when/if women bishops are ordained who are gay?