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Friday, 29 March 2013

Good Friday Pop Up Church Waterloo Station

I must have had the most amazing of Good Friday experiences when I was part of this pop church at Waterloo Station this morning. It was organised by The Oasis Church, run by Rev Steve Chalke, and supported by the churches in Lambeth, London. We normally gather underneath the clock in Waterloo Station and sing hymns in a sedate manner but this time the service set the station alight with the banging of steel drums. Hundreds gathered to watch. It was a testament to the innovation that lies in the way the Christian message can be spread.


  1. Let's hear more about this. There are always people in New Street banging on about Christianity, and getting ignored. What are you doing different to make people stop?

  2. Hi Robert, I don't personally attend Steve Chalke's church but I have heard that he has a zeal and passion for reaching out to normal folk through wide engagement. His church has a Foodbank, hosts high profile debates (with very well known people as speakers) and doesn't charge for entry and sends youth workers into schools etc. I think it's the wide engagement that he undertakes which is the key here rather than the types of activities.