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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Who Did Not Win in Today's Budget?

I have quite frequently blogged about the underdogs in our society who are manifest in the low paid work that they do and their reliance, consequently, on welfare benefits to keep them from tipping over. Given the proliferation of foodbanks in this country you would have thought that there would have been something to address the modern day scourge of going hungry in a modern democratic country but, quite predictably, there was not any such measure. However, few who benefit from the budget today will realise that the precarious position of those who languish at the bottom of the 'food chain' can afflict anyone. Given the rate of household debt, the rise in living conditions and the sparse help offered by the state I don't think i am being pessimistic in saying that being broke is a living state that could affect almost everyone (apart from Oligarchs and bankers). 

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