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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Who suffers because of World Vision's Anti-Gay Marriage Policy?

The Christian Charity,World Vision, has seen a drop to the donor programmes that it runs because of a policy not to hire gay married people. World Vision initially released a statement announcing that it had decided that it would employ gay people who were in same sex marriages but after a two day storm caused by the anti-gay brigade the policy was reversed. As the situation stands World Vision will not be hiring those who are in same sex marriages. This has caused quite an outrage. 

Sponsorship helps children, families, and communities break the cycle of poverty. (World Vision)

The pressure to go back on the original decision came from the Christian right who even threatened to stop their sponsorship to the 'Sponsor a Child' programme which looks after poor children in the world. While the issue of gay marriage becomes yet another religious football that is played out in ever increasing circles by those whose piousness and religious belief only revolves around who is let into the so-called sanctity of marriage let me tell you who the real or potential losers of this game are - the poor children AND the ambassadorship of Christianity.

How dare those Christians who have indulged in threats let the issue of poverty which is central to Christianity became a pawn in their sickening endeavours? Who is World Vision serving here and this raises the question of whether it is operating like a multinational corporation that is beholden to shareholders or the people that it serves? In other words, why didn't World Vision decide on an employment policy to hire the best people for the jobs which is the delivery of poverty alleviation services to children? More importantly, those Christian who have cancelled their sponsorships or are threatening to do so are self-important bigots who have or will inflict suffering on those who do not deserve it. And you call yourself Christians?

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