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Sunday, 23 November 2014

I love Simple Sermons

I love those sermons which have a simple message that you can take away, ponder upon and act on. I have often been in churches where the sermon of the day has been so complicated because it has involved too many messages that do not mesh together. Today's message was a back to basics one about helping those in distress. The context for this sermon was the spread of Ebola. In fact this church is even doing a fundraising event for the Ebola crisis.

Some of you reading this will be in bewilderment about the fact that I have even blogged about simple sermons because, you may be thinking, isn't that what church is about? That is indeed what church should be about because a message that touches on the basic Christian beliefs of care and compassion is one that we can all act upon in small ways everyday. I once listened to a sermon about the mission to mars and couldn't apply it to my week, try as I did. 


  1. Simple sermons are usually the best I think.

  2. I think I am going to label any difficult sermons that I encounter from now on as 'mission to mars'. Simple sermons resonate with ordinary folk who live normal everyday lives. Thanks Nancy.