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Monday, 16 May 2016

Church spires deliver benefits to rural areas

If you live in a remote part of the country then chances are you are not able to read this blog post easily. As many as 1million households (properties) are not able to access fast broadband services because they are located in rural parts where the physical networks have not been laid.

The Prime Minister made a pledge in November 2015 that every home in the UK would have access to fast broadband services by 2020. Without a conduit, however, the plan cannot go ahead. In steps the Church of England with an offer that makes it into the news. The Church of England has offered its network of 10,000 rural churches with spires to solve the modern day problem.
Salhouse Church, Norwich, delivers broadband to local residents through a wireless transmitter fixed to the spire
This will be done through a company called WiSpire, owned by the church, which provides wireless internet for a 2.5 mile radius from each church. Talks are going on between the CoE and the Government on how this plan can be carried out. 

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