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Monday, 30 May 2016

The 7-Step Morning Ritual To Make You Happy

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I am NOT a morning person. I often wake up wishing I could have more time in bed. While in the shower I stress myself out by thinking about the things that I have to do that day PLUS all the things that I will NOT have time to do. Yah, that's a dreadful way to start one's day.

An interesting article sets out what you can do and how to have that blue sky kind of morning everyday. It's a 7 step process and the summary of this is listed below. I do recommend that you click on this link to the full article. 

Here’s the morning ritual that will make you happy all day:
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1. Have something to look forward to: Plans with a friend are always good.

2. Manage your mood: Don’t check email. Do what gives you a feeling of control.

3. Eat breakfast: If you eat nothing and end up killing someone, well… I hope it’s not me.

4. Do something you dread: You’ve got the willpower. And you’ll feel so much better afterwards.

5. Send a “thank you” email: Yes, it’s that simple. Really.

6. Plan how you’ll deal with challenges: Think about the worst that could happen and it probably won’t.

7. Kiss somebody you love: If this makes you late for work, feel free to blame me.

My suggestion - Thank God for the night's sleep that you have had and ask him to bless your day ahead.

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