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Sunday, 13 November 2011

An example of Wickedness in the Name of Xmas

 The comment below was posted on a newspaper website today in response to an article on Occupy St.Paul's. The snobbery, prejudice and elitism expressed is, frankly, nauseating.

The party is over, Your point is kind-of made.
But you do not have anything to replace the system you protest about.
You can't even TWEET without it.
Just go away.
Leave Christmas to the faithful - and give thanks to their tolerance.
Think about that - hard.
In some other religious domains you would have been tortured, and then hanged or be-headed by now.

I just hope this person is not a Christian though the reference to 'faithful' suggests that he/she is. I would hate to be sharing my Christian space with this moron.


  1. There's not much difference between a stable and a tent. I wonder how much the money-changers were making before Jesus drove them out of the Temple?

  2. Dear Robert,
    Good point. It would be extremely interesting to compare the rate of money now and then between the 1%.