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Monday, 7 November 2011

Illegal immigrants are human beings

At the weekend I was outside a nightclub in a Midland town on a hen party. A Chinese woman was selling novelty items to the clubgoers. A man went up to her and shouted in her face. He said: 'Get an f... visa and get a job'. I shouted at him to leave her alone. He laughed in embarrassment at having been challenged and walked off.

What gives people the moral right to challenge those who are vulnerable or who seem lesser than them? Nothing. The whole Daily Mail ethos is based on judging people because of their race and perceived circumstances. That Chinese woman was seen as a leech on society and, therefore, fair game for verbal abuse. To me the obnoxious man was the leech on society because he looked like he was drunk already, was going into a nightclub where he would, presumably, get more drunk and be a burden on the resources of the police or the NHS (A&E)where loads of drunk youngsters end up on a Friday and Saturday night.

This is why I applaud our church for looking after immigrants and for treating them as human beings.


  1. Exactly! I agree with you, and should blog on this issue soon! Thanks!

  2. Hi Anita,
    I look forward to reading your blog post on this.