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Thursday, 17 November 2011

We All Have A Stake In the Stephen Lawrence Trial

Previously I blogged about the Meredith Kercher trial and how it was unseemly the way the media were covering it. It was a murder trial that became a public spectacle. Now we have the Stephen Lawrence trial which has just started which many, many people will be following but there is a difference between the two.
We all have a stake in the process of the trial and in the outcome of the verdict on the death of Stephen Lawrence.
When Stephen Lawrence was first killed it exposed the institutional racism in the country and in the layers of governance. Racism affects everyone. Racism does not ring-fence colours from safety. White people as much as black people are victims of racism. Racism is a crime and Stephen Lawrence was a victim.
Racism is part of society's eco-system of prejudice and hatred. What affects one part of society affects the whole and this is why we all have a stake in the process of justice taking place.


  1. I think I see what you mean about all having a stake in the outcome of the Stephen Lawrence murder trial. There is a danger though of scape-goating particular individuals, feeling satisfied if someone is punished for what was a dreadful racist crime, thinking it is only others who are racist. But what leads to such crimes? Fear of the stranger or someone seen as different? Racism, including all its subtle forms is endemic, often not recognised, often disguised. It stems from inner attitudes of prejudice fed by ignorance, fear etc. Having those attitudes isn't a crime, but they are what needs changing.

  2. Dear Nancy,
    It is important to treat the causes too. So often we treat the symptoms and results instead.